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Technical Support

As you know, Heavy Pressure PVC (RIGID) Pipes and fittings are being widely used in most of the modern and advanced countries of the world specially the USA and Europe according to ASTM D-1785 Schedule-40, 80 and class B, C, D, and E of BSS 3505 and PS-2051 (½” to 12″) diameter as well as non-pressure SDR-2241 series, BS-6099 conduits, sewerage/drainage pipes and fittings. Everest’ Heavy Pressure PVC (RIGID) Pipes are quite tough, strong, stiff and also have a high load bearing capacity with long lasting life in comparison with other PVC pipes available in the market. Stabilizers, lubricants, processing additives and impact modifiers are chosen from the best quality products available in the market for PVC pipe chemicals. We are pleased t0o say that our history is full of developments, innovations and research on material and finished products which are tested in our well-equipped laboratory with hi-tech modern tests and analysis/instruments, capable of conducting all tests according to the best standards.

Everest Plastics always tries to provide good quality, cost-effective material with an economical price and are committed to serve clients according to their needs with a flexible approach and value added services at all times.

For further details and information, you can contact technical and customer services department, which provides various commercial and technical helps.