Everest Plastics

HDPE Pipes

HDPE pipe is ideal for many different applications including municipal, industrial, energy, geothermal, landfill and more. HDPE pipe is strong, durable, flexible and light weight. When fused together, HDPE has a zero leak rate because the fusion process creates a monolithic HDPE system. HDPE pipe is also a more environmentally sustainable option as it is non-toxic, corrosion and chemical resistant, has a long design life, and is ideal for trenchless installation methods because of its flexibility.

Application of HDPE Pipes:

  • Water Supply and Distribution
  • Sewerage System       
  • Tube Wells
  • Drip irrigation/ Sprinkle irrigation
  • Cable Ducting 
  • Sewage Treatment 
  • Chilled Water Piping 
  • Coal Slurry 
  • Cooling Water 
  • Crude Oil
  • De-watering pipes 
  • Drain Lines/Industrial Effluents 
  • Dredging 
  • Drilling Mud 
  • Fire Water Mains 
  • Fly ash 
  • Hazardous Waste 
  • Out Fall Pipelines 
  • Process Piping 
  • Sea Water Effluents 
  • Sludge Piping 
  • Slurries 
  • Storage tank piping 
  • Underground services 
  • Utility Piping 
  • Gas (manufactured as per ISO4437) MDPE Pipes
  • Compressed Air (buried)