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HDPE Fittings

HDPE consists of the initials of high density polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic polymer produced from monomer ethylene. It is the type of pipe used safely in liquid and gas transfer. The raw material of HDPE is petroleum-derived plastic. The reasons why HDPE pipes are preferred too much; they are resistant to high pressure, flexible and light.
HDPE pipes can be used in many different areas. It has an extensive usage from agricultural irrigation water systems to drinking water, from waste water to sea discharge systems, from fire installations to fish farms.

HDPE pipes preserve the fluids passing through them thanks to their chemical properties. While these pipes carry fluids, they provide confidence with the help of HDPE fittings. Easy installation and cheap transportation are important in choosing HDPE pipes.

HDPE Fittings Advantages

  • There are many reasons why the HDPE market is constantly growing. These reasons include the following:

    • High resistance to chemicals
    • Preserving the properties of fluids
    • Plexibility
    • Easy assembly technique
    • Easy transport
    • Opportune transport
    • High resistance to pressure

    The molecular weight of HDPE pipe type is very high. Therefore, it prevents abrasion and destruction. It resists chemical solvents. It is not adversely affected by moisture and water. Reliable water and gas transfer is provided by HDPE fittings.